Hello & thank you for my visiting my site. I take pride in offering exercise & weight management solutions that are second to none. I am a Certified Fitness Clinician through The International Association of Resistance Trainers and also a Certified Conditioning Specialist & Certified Personal Trainer through The National Strength Professionals Association. I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of individuals like yourself achieving their fitness goals in an extremely safe, efficient & incredibly effective manner for the past 25 years.

I have worked with a myriad of individuals from adolescents to seniors, from weekend warriors to collegiate athletes, from healthy to injured individuals who are trying manage pain. Whether you are looking to lose unwanted body fat or increase your functional ability, I would be honored to help you, guide you & coach you along the way.

My mission is to establish and promote exercise in a clinical environment. I feel that since exercise is a branch of medical science, it should likewise be prescribed with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail in accordance to each individual’s physiology & psychology. Just as medical doctors do not prescribe the same dosage of drug treatment to everyone, I follow the same quality of standards. It is extremely important to acknowledge that since any amount of exercise performed represents a negative factor (all activity performed causes an inroad into functional and recovery ability), it is vital to prescribe the minimal amount necessary to elicit the best response possible to meet your needs and goals.

As a Certified Fitness Clinician, I design an exercise program in an exact dose/response in accordance to your individualism. I take into account your needs, goals, abilities, limitations and preferences and “prescribe” the program that is the most effective and time efficient. My highly specialized methods and training strategies are based in part on the +90 million dollars of research conducted by the Med -X Corporation and The University Of Florida as well as research conducted by The International Association of Resistance Trainers.